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Pet Care

Image by Arseny Togulev


We have a custom designed surgery suite to help your pet with any surgical needs, whether it’s a planned procedure like a neuter or spay or an unexpected emergency.


We have a dedicated recovery area to optimize your pet’s recovery and comfort.

Milliken Surgery Suite
Dental Equipment


Pets need to take care of their teeth just like you too, but unfortunately they can’t brush their own teeth. Our veterinarians have experience and passion for dental care, and we provide your pet a plan to have healthy teeth and gums. We also perform all common dental procedures such as:

  • Regular cleaning

  • Baby teeth extractions

  • Full mouth teeth extraction

  • Oral tumour biopsies and other surgeries

  • Digital dental x-ray


Spay and Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet at 6 months of age brings many health benefits. If you do not intend to breed your puppies or kittens (and we can discuss the health risks and financial costs of breeding), we strongly advise you to spay or neuter your pet at 6 months of age.


Spaying your female companion helps prevent womb infections (which could lead to cancer) and breast tumors, while neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer and some prostate diseases.


During the procedure, we can painlessly (and conveniently) place a microchip that helps identify your pet in case they get lost.


At Milliken Animal Clinic, we have designed the Personal Spay & Neuter with Private Recovery for your pet. It combines a complete team of medical professionals, modern equipment, and tailored procedures for your pet. This means your pet is safer, and recovery is speedy and comfortable. Here is what makes Milliken Animal Clinic stand out:


  • Full pre-surgery exam and bloodwork

  • Dedicated time for surgery & recovery

  • Ability to handle complex issues and fix related health issues

  • IV fluids to maintain normal blood pressure during surgery

More comfort (pain free)

  • Tailored pain medications

  • Private recovery suite with personal food and bed

  • Dedicated doctor and nurse to ensure comfort such as warm blanket during procedure

Faster and better recovery

  • Post-surgery IV fluids to hydrate pet for healing

  • Dedicated doctor and nurse to monitor recovery

  • Laser Therapy to stimulate skin and muscle healing

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Fleas Ticks Heartworm Medication

Ticks, Fleas and Heartworm Prevention

Parasites like ticks, fleas, and heartworms can lead to life threatening diseases. These parasites can start harming your pets when the temperature is above 0 degrees.


Prevention is the safest approach to protect your pet. Our doctors will help you choose prevention products that are easily given once a month. When you come in for your pet’s blood test, together we will choose the product most appropriate for you and your pet. 

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